MaskFone: Hearing aid masks launched at CES 2021

He Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 has started its first virtual edition full of incredible innovations. Various brands have focused their efforts on creating products that adapt to the “new normal”, one of them is Binatone, which has launched its revolutionary MaskFone, a face mask with integrated headphones that you would definitely love to try.

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Protect yourself while listening to your favorite music

The MaskFone is literally a 2×1 kit, as it is a wireless headset with a built-in microphone and a replaceable N95 filter mask. Which makes it a device that you can take anywhere while you comply with the security measures. The best thing is that you can listen to music and take phone calls by having it synchronized with your smartphone either Android or iOS, because it is compatible with Siri and Google assistant.

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More devices

Following the success of the MaskFone, Binatone will also introduce the first MegaFone at CES 2021, a face mask equipped with a detachable voice projector that offers a “walkie talkie” mode for voice projection and two-way conversation. That is, it can be linked with other MegaFones so that you can speak and listen more clearly.

Interesting, right? Remember to follow the great coverage of CES 2021 through Telcel’s social networks and discover incredible innovations like this one. You will be amazed at the technology that all invited brands are featured on.

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