Marshall Minor II headphones on sale at Amazon and free shipping!

We are talking about wireless headphones that exude quality from each of their pores and that now you can get cheaper than ever thanks to an Amazon offer that will allow you to save good money when buying the Marshall Minor II. In addition, and if that was not enough, you should know that the Shipping costs are completely free. The only requirement is to be subscribed to Amazon Prime, a service that includes other advantages such as Amazon Prime Video or Amazon Photos. Not subscribed? Don’t worry, since through the following link you can enjoy a free one-month trial period without any type of permanence.

A design that makes a difference

Marshall Minor II Bluetooth Headphones Black

One of the hallmarks of this English manufacturer is seen in the design of its product range, which is reminiscent of the first Marshall amplifiers. And, how could it be otherwise, the Marshall Minor IIs maintain that attractive aesthetic. In addition to boasting an appearance that will be the center of attention, this model has a weight not exceeding 23 grams so they don’t bother you after prolonged use.

Also interesting is the fact that it has a small remote to control playback, so you will not have to take out the phone at any time. As if it weren’t enough, too it has a microphone so you can make or answer calls more comfortably.

The icing on the cake is the ergonomics of these bluetooth headphones, and that they have a small support in each of the helmets to better fit your ears. Without a doubt, on an aesthetic level it is a very well designed product so that you can have the best user experience.

Great autonomy and better sound

Remote control for Marshall Minor II Bluetooth headphones

These headphones have bluetooth 5.0 technology, in addition to being compatible with aptX From Qualcomm, which guarantees a great stability of the signal, in addition to a clearer sound. To this must be added his ability to work with frequencies between 20 to 20,000 Hz, in addition to a sensitivity of 117 dB. And to this we must add an autonomy of up to 12 hours, along with a fast charging system so that, with just 20 minutes of charging, you can enjoy two hours of autonomy.

As you may have seen, these Marshall Minor II are one of the best bluetooth headphones that you can buy within their price range. They offer a design that will be the center of attention, as well as features that guarantee an acoustic landscape beyond any doubt. So, seeing how attractive this Amazon offer is, do not miss this bargain to enjoy the best sound for much less than you imagine.

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