Marshal Minor II bluetooth headphones at the best price

Today we can find countless models of bluetooth headphones from different manufacturers, but the truth is that Marshall is distinguished by having an unusual design and that whoever tries them no longer usually changes. But that’s not all, since they have great sound quality and very interesting functions.

Offer for Marshall Minor II headphones

The model on offer is in brown and has an official price of 129.99 euros. However, Amazon has applied a juicy discount on these Marshall Minor II headphones of 32%, which represents a saving of 42 euros on the original price. Therefore, it is possible to get hold of these headphones from the following link at a price of 87.99 euros.

Marshall Minor II bluetooth headphones

If we are Amazon Prime users, shipping is free. If we are not already, we can try the month for free and take advantage of its advantages to place the order. The delivery time is one business day, so we are in time to receive them before Christmas.

Great quality and design

The Marshall Minor II is a headphone model with a format wireless earphone offering high performance. It has technology Qualcomm aptX Bluetooth that offers exceptional sound quality with the freedom and comfort of being able to move in a range of about 10 meters without losing the listening range.

It has custom drivers to offer an incredible sound experience and an adjustment system for the ears that allows us to adapt the headset to our ears and be able to wear them for hours without any discomfort. Specifically, they have a kind of adjustable ring that makes them one of the most ergonomic and comfortable wireless headphones.

Marshall Minor II bluetooth headphones

Both headphones are linked through a cable, in which we find a knob or element to control our music and certain functionality with our phone in a comfortable and simple way. So much so, that it is possible answer, reject or end a call from the control of the headphones itself. In addition, they have the automatic music pause function when you connect both headphones magnetically.

Regarding the battery or autonomy of use, it should be noted that the Marshall Minor II offer playback during 12 hours music playing at full intensity on a single charge. This model also has fast charging, so we can get a good autonomy with just a few minutes of charging.

Although the design is obvious, it should be noted that the control included in the cable has a textured finish, while the headphones offer a rubber finish that provides great durability.

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