Manuskript, a program to organize our writing projects

about manuskript

In the next article we are going to take a look at Manuskript. This is a writing tool that we can find available for the Ubuntu system. The program has some remarkable and useful features for writers that we will try to see in the following lines.

As I said, Manuskript has different functions that it executes well and that provide a good environment to help writers create your first draft, then refine your work.

General characteristics of Manuskript

manuskript preferences

  • It will allow us to organize our thoughts and fragments in a hierarchical way. We can organize them as we want, or reorganize them on the fly.
  • Count with one distraction-free mode.
  • Use the snowflake method to grow our idea in a coherent tone, with complex characters, intricate plots and a detailed universe.
  • It’s a free program.
  • Among the available languages ​​is Spanish.
  • We will have the possibility to create characters and conceive plots.
  • We will also have the option of build schematicsOutline and / or tabs mode).
  • It will allow us to see the story line.
  • We will find the possibility of write with templates and fiction or non-fiction writing modes.
  • Will allow us import and export document formats such as HTML, ePub, OpenDocument, DocX and plus.

These are just a few features of this program. They can consult all of them in the project website.

Install Manuskript on Ubuntu

This program unfortunately does not come pre-installed on any Gnu / Linux operating system. Fortunately, the Manuskript application is compatible with some distributions. To make it work on our Ubuntu team we will have to download the .DEB package from the project release page. In addition, we will also have the option of using wget from the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) to download the package:

download manuskript


When the download is finished, we can start with the installation. To do this, in the same terminal you will only have to execute the command:

install deb package

sudo dpkg -i manuskript-0.12.0-1.deb

If during installation appear problems with dependencies, as you can see in the previous screenshot, we can correct it with the command:

install dependencies

sudo apt install -f

At the end of the installation, we can start the program looking for the launcher in our team:

manuskript launcher

A quick look at the program

Once the program is open and ready to use, we will see the home page. In it we will find the writing categories that we can choose from. We will have the possibility of select between “Fiction” and “Non-fiction”The writing that we are interested in creating.

start manuskript

After selecting a writing style, we can search for the option “Next time, automatically open the last project automatically”. This will allow us to continue where we left off.

open next time

After pressing the button “Create”Will take us to the next screen from which we are going to start creating. If we look for the section “general”In the side bar of the program and we select it with the mouse, we will see several text boxes. These pictures are; “Qualification“,”Subtitle“,”Serie“,”Volume“,”Gender“,”License“,”Name” and “Email“, Which we can complete for organizational purposes.

general option

After configuring all the text boxes, your thing would be to look for the section “Summary”And click on it. This section is where we will have to complete the summary of our writing.

summary option

By clicking on the section “Characters” we will be able create our characters, if what you are going to write has them.

characters option

The next step will be to select “Frames”In the sidebar. In it we will be able complete the frames in our writing. In the section “World“We will have the option of complete the story world.

If we click on the section “Scheme“, we will can complete the writing outline. This outline can help you organize how you plan to write your story.

redaction option

The sectionDrafting”Is where we can write our history, work, novel, short story, etc.. When we finish writing we will only need to save our work by clicking on the menu “File“And then selecting”Keep”.


For remove this program from our team, you just have to open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and run the command:

uninstall manuskript

sudo apt remove manuskript; sudo apt autoremove

Users who want more information about this program, can consult the project website or his repository on GitHub.

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