Make video calls in augmented reality on Facebook Messenger!

The pandemic led to the need to find tools with which to communicate with large groups of people. In response to this need, Facebook has implemented improvements for Messenger that, in addition to offering the same service as platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet, will make it the app with the most fun experience.

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Facebook Messenger video calls now have augmented reality effects!

The first thing you should know is that this new function is still in beta version, so you can only access it in advance through the Facebook app (beta), which is only compatible with Android devices.

In case you have a device with an iOS operating system, you will have to wait a little longer, since Meta announced that it would release at the end of this year.

So far, you could only add effects, change the background or choose different types of lighting when making a video call on Facebook Messenger. However, now there will be a new section called ‘Effects groups’ in which you will find 70 fun effects in augmented reality that can be activated for all the participants of the call.

Facebook Messenger now has new filters in augmented reality - Blog Hola Telcel

In addition to being able to see funny characters at your sides through augmented reality, a series of games were also integrated that you can enjoy with other users. One of them, for example, consists of preparing a hamburger together.

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Other Future Plans for Meta’s Spark AR

One of the main interests of Mark Zuckerberg in this transformation that the platform is undergoing is that everyone can have access to contribute to the creation of the metaverse. As part of these efforts, Meta launched Polar, an exclusive app for iOS users.

This app is used to create and share AR effects and filters directly on your mobile phone. “Polar is designed by creators for creators, with an intuitive user interface and a variety of templates to help drive the creation of new effects,” explains on the official Meta page.

New augmented reality filters arrive on Facebook - Hola Telcel Blog

Lastly, one of the big augmented reality projects Facebook is planning is location-specific experiences. In this way, users can play or interact with other users through GPS.

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Many of these augmented reality projects will have updates in the coming months and in Hello Telcel We will tell you in detail about each of them. What project excites you the most?

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