Logitech wireless keyboard on sale for only 24 euros at Amazon

One of the peculiarities of this accessory is that it integrates a touchpad that allows you to use the operating system mouse as if you were using the keyboard of a laptop. I mean, this is a 2-in-1 accessory which is sure to become an excellent or solution for many. In addition, and this is important, both the small dimensions it has (35 x 14 x 2 centimeters) and its functionalities this Logitech K400 Plus is also a good solution for combine it with Smart TV current.

keyboard Logitech K400 Plus

To facilitate communication and convenience when using this sale Logitech wireless keyboard, the connection interface used is wireless (specifically 2.4 GHz radio frequency), for which the corresponding nano-type adapter is included that connects to a USB port. This also ensures a excellent compatibility with the different operating systems that exist today, such as Windows and Android. Therefore, you will not have any problem in everything that has to do with its use.

Possibilities in this Logitech wireless keyboard on sale

One of those that should be highlighted in this complete wireless keyboard is that the autonomy that this accessory has is excellent, since it reaches the 18 months using two AA batteries. One of the best on the market and this is so without having great restrictions in what has to do with its use. Other options that are striking in this model is that, being a membrane type, it does not make much noise when it works, which is always positive. Additionally, the keys are ergonomically shaped so that comfort is excellent. If you wonder about the dimensions of the touchpad located in the right area, this is nine centimeters more than enough.

Using the Logitech K400 Plus keyboard

Good discount for the Logitech K400

With a good plastic finish with yellow elements that make it stand out, right now on Amazon you can get this product with a 44% discount, so you only have to pay 24.97 euros… quite a bargain! Without adding anything for shipping in the case of having a Prime account of the aforementioned online store, it should be noted that the distribution is the same in Spain and that it has everything necessary to use it in our country, such as the «key ñ ».

Among the additional details that this Logitech wireless keyboard has on offer, one of them is that it includes shortcuts for better content management multimedia, such as those that have to do with volume. With everything indicated, and evaluating both the existing discount and the quality offered by this accessory, the truth is that it is very worth evaluating your purchase.

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