Logitech G332 gaming headset with almost 40% discount

There are many young and not so young who are hooked on some video games like Fortnite, among others, in which having good headphones is practically part of the game itself. If you were looking for a quality model at a good price, then this Logitech model was surely what you were waiting for.

Incredible experience with these gaming headphones

It’s about the model Logitech G332, a wired gaming headset with synthetic leather ear pads and a rotating microphone to mute it compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Therefore, due to its great compatibility, it is the perfect gift for those who are looking for a gaming headset regardless of the platform they play on.

These Logitech G332 have a few large drivers, 50 mm, to enjoy expansive sound and a very immersive gaming experience. They also have a Rotating 6mm microphone to mute and with which your battle companions will hear you perfectly.

Headphones with a design in which the cups and headband are made of lightweight synthetic leather to avoid pressure on the ears after wearing them for many hours. The cups turn up to 90 degrees for greater comfort and have an easily adjustable headband for any user.

The technology of these headphones is binaural with a frequency of 20 KHz and has a weight of only 280 grams. The rest of the measurements are 18.2 x 8.17 x 17.2 cm. The connector is a 3.5mm jack.

Discount for these Logitech G332 gaming headsets

The price of these Logitech gaming headphones is 61.99 euros, but from Amazon comes an incredible offer in which a 37% discount has been applied. This makes its final price so only 39 euros. Without a doubt, a price that makes them a gaming headset with a great value for money.

If we are Amazon Prime customers, shipping is free, so we will not have to pay a penny more to receive them at home. Of course, as we can see in the product file, it can be a good gift for kings, since they do not ensure that we can receive it before Christmas. However, it is advisable to review this information when placing the order, since it may change depending on the stock.

At the time of ordering, we will be offered the possibility of contracting additional protection or warranty extension to cover possible damage to our headphones at a price of 3.29 euros for one year and 3.79 for two years.

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