List of Bluetooth mice on sale that you can buy from home

Thanks to the connection interface used by these Bluetooth mice, it is possible to use them with all kinds of operating systems, such as Windows or Android. This allows all accessories of this type to be very useful, since they are a solution for all types of equipment (even with smartphones). What’s more, synchronization is very simple, so in less than five minutes you can have the chosen model available to use it regularly.

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Buying options on these Bluetooth mice on sale

We leave below a list in which you will find several models that are recommended for their quality and, now also, for the price it has because they are discounted. All of them use version 3.0 or higher of Bluetooth, so they do not fail in normal use. These are the possibilities that we recommend now due to the existing promotion:

Logitech M350 PEBBLE

This is a dual option, since it offers both the possibility of using radio frequency and Bluetooth, which is always positive, since it will never give you a problem in use. With an excellent quality in its finish and being very silent in use, it now has a discount that reaches 27%.

Logitech M350 PEBBLE

Xiaomi Fashion Wireless

Another possibility that can also be connected through the two most used wireless options (radio frequency and Bluetooth). In this case, it should be noted that the resolution of the integrated optical sensor is 1,000 dpi, so it is very reliable. You can get it now with a 44% discount.

Image of the Xiaomi Bluetooth Fashion Mouse in black color

Microsoft RJN-00003

An excellent possibility to use it with laptops and tablets, since it has very small dimensions and the weight is less than 100 grams. Finished in black, the ergonomics of this model are excellent and it has the attraction of having a saving of 13% right now.

Microsoft RJN-00003

Xiaomi Portable Mouse

One of the best that this device offers is that it has an excellent quality / price ratio, since with its discount, 40% of the Bluetooth mice on offer have a more adjusted price than all the ones we have chosen. In paw color, it has everything you might need to offer excellent compatibility.

Promotional image of the Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse 2

HP Z5000

Aesthetically, this is one of the Bluetooth mice on offer that attracts the most attention, since its golden details make it very striking. It has a 25% discount, which is not bad at all, and the resolution of its sensor is high enough that this accessory can be used in all kinds of situations. It does not lack excellent compatibility with different operating systems and, also, its weight of only 40 grams stands out.

HP Z5000

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