Linux 5.17-rc4

Unsurprisingly, a week after the release of the third Release Candidate, Linus Torvalds He has launched Linux 5.17-rc4. The developer famous for creating the core that most of our readers use says that everything is pretty normal, and that everything is about average. Therefore, we publish about the release of a new RC, but without anything remarkable.

Among the few details he has mentioned, he says that about half of the changes have been made in the drivers, and after that come the architecture updates. come on, yes, everything is normal and even boring, but usual for an rc4.

Linux 5.17 will arrive in four weeks

Things still look pretty normal for 5.17. Both the diffstat and the number of commits look pretty normal for an rc4 version. About half of the changes are to drivers (everywhere, but as usual gpu and network is a noticeable part of driver changes), with updates to architectures listed below (updates devicetree dominate, but there are “real code” changes too). Other than that, we have file system fixes, network core, tools, and various core kernel fixes. The attached log gives details as always, nothing you see here is worrying.

Linux 5.17-rc4 is the fourth RC of 5.17, a Linux kernel that will be released next March 13 if no major bug is found or on the 20th if an 8th Release Candidate is required. We have to remember that Ubuntu users who want to use it will eventually have to install it on their own. Canonical ships its operating system with a kernel, and only updates it to fix bugs and vulnerabilities.