Linux 5.15-rc4 remains anchored in normality

Linux 5.15-rc4

Unless something changes in the next few weeks, the kernel development that Linus Torvalds is working on right now will not go down in history as one of the most problematic. It was something that the Finnish developer expected, but, removing a second Release Candidate in which more problems were corrected than expected, in the rest of RC everything has gone very well. A few hours ago, Torvalds He has launched Linux 5.15-rc4, and once again everything has gone very normal.

Last week everything had returned to its normal course, and it is not that in the second RC there were big problems, but there were tweaks that at first they did not have. Yes there were a few little shocks at the beginning, but they were cut short in time, and on Sunday afternoon Linux 5.15-rc4 arrived labeled “quite normal.”

Linux 5.15-rc4 is pretty normal

This version still looks pretty normal after the initial bumps. At least if we are guided by the number of commits we are right in the middle of the normal range for this point in the loop and the diffstat looks pretty normal too. A little less hard work than usual, maybe, but nothing big, and nothing that makes me say “that’s weird.”

Ubuntu 21.10 will be released in ten days, and it is already known that it will use Linux 5.13. Therefore, when 5.15 officially arrives, users of Ubuntu or any official flavor who want to install it on their operating system will have to do it on their own. If nothing strange happens, something difficult to imagine because of how well things are going, Linux 5.15 will be released next October 24th. Should Linus Torvalds come across any rocks along the way, the release will be delayed for a week, until the 31st of this month.

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