Linux 5.15-rc3

The second Release Candidate of the Linux kernel currently under development arrived in good shape, but not everything was within the normal range because more bugs were fixed than expected. A few hours ago, Linus Torvalds He has launched Linux 5.15-rc3, and now it seems that everything is normal. The Finnish developer knocks on the wood to keep things like this, but from the beginning 5.15 is expected to not give many problems.

Linux 5.15-rc3 has made corrections for everything with nothing that stands out and is worth mentioning above the rest. The list of tweaks is quite short, and encourages everyone to try it to find errors. Of course, anyone who wants to participate and does not need the greatest of stabilities.

Linux 5.15-rc3 introduces fixes for everything, but nothing stands out

So after a somewhat rocky melt window and a second rc, things are now looking pretty normal for rc3. Knock on wood. There are fixes everywhere, and the stats look pretty regular, with the controllers dominating as they should (since they are the bulk of the tree). And outside of controllers, we have a fairly common mix of changes – architecture fixes, networks, filesystems, and tools (the latter (the latter being mostly kvm selftests).

If the deadlines are met and there is no setback, and for now nothing makes us think that it will be like this, Linux 5.15 will be released on October 24. Due to the deadlines, it is no longer that it is 100% impossible that it will reach Ubuntu 21.10, but it seems that Linux 5.14 will not do it and Impish Indri will arrive with 5.13. Whatever comes, if the time comes we want to use the latest version of the kernel, we will have to install it on our own, something we can do with Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Installer.