Linux 5.15-rc2

Last week, Linus Torvalds said that the first release candidate of the kernel version currently in development was very small and that it was expected to remain that way when the stable version was released in less than two months. Seven days later, in the release note from Linux 5.15-rc2It is not that he has changed his mind, but he does mention that many more bugs have been corrected than expected.

What also stands out is that during the last seven days he has spent a lot of time trying to solve some things that caught his attention, among which he mentions the follow-up that Guenter Roeck has done to -Werror. The result has satisfied the developer Finnish even though he has seen “really weird and grotesque” code.

Linux 5.15-rc2 is in better shape than last week

So I’ve spent a good chunk of this week trying to sort out all the weird warnings, and I want to give a special thanks to Guenter Roeck for his work tracking where -Werror build failures come from. It’s done? No. But overall I feel pretty good about all of this, even if it has meant I’ve been looking at some really weird and grotesque code. Who was to say I’d still worry about a weird EISA controller in alpha, after all these years? A little change of pace 😉

If the deadlines are met without any setback, Linux 5.15 will be released on October 24. Due to the deadlines, it is no longer that it is 100% impossible for Ubuntu 21.10 Impish Indri to reach Ubuntu, but the latest rumors assure that Linux 5.14 will not either. No matter what comes, if the time comes we want to use the latest version of the kernel, we will have to install it on our own, something we can do with Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Installer.