Linux 5.14-rc5: everything continues from strength to strength, under full sail

Linux 5.14-rc5

A week ago, and like the previous ones, Linus Torvalds published a short statement about the fourth RC of the Linux kernel version currently under development. There was no big news, although it was known that some things were fixed to make Android apps work better. This week, the Finnish developer He has launched Linux 5.14-rc5 and, from what it seems, the development of this series will be so calm that it will even become boring.

But that something is boring does not mean that it is bad, on the contrary. As F1 driver Fernando Alonso said years ago, he liked boring races, because that means everything had gone well. That’s what’s going on right now, and Linux 5.14-rc5 it’s right where it needs to beAlthough I, who have been following him for a long time, would say that he is doing even better. It does rightly mention that there is nothing noteworthy.

Linux 5.14-rc5 continues on the best of roads

Things look perfectly normal. The size is nominal, diffstat looks pretty normal, and the changes are all in the usual places, with just under 60% drivers, and the rest of the usual mix of architecture, kernel kernel, network, and some self-tests. The short log is attached for people who want to scan the details, but I can’t think of anything here that seems strange or noteworthy. This is how it should be for rc5. Hopefully the trend continues

If there are no problems, hopefully there aren’t, Linux 5.14 will be released on August 28, so it should be the kernel version that Ubuntu 21.10 Impish Indri uses. And considering that there is a difference of about two months between the releases, if it goes bad, it will be too.

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