Linux 5.13-rc6

The size of the Linux kernel currently in development was having sizes that were not at all normal. Although Linus Torvalds never seemed to worry, he did raise the possibility of needing an eighth Release Candidate again, but that has changed after the launch from Linux 5.13-rc6, a “candidate” version of which he says is moving in the right direction because they have made up much of the lost ground.

Finnish developer claims Linux 5.13-rc6 is totally within average in this phase. In fact, he ends this week’s email by saying that «it’s all really quite small«, And that he expects the trend to continue so that 5.13 arrives when it is scheduled. Taking into account the moment in which we are, if this Sunday there is no shock, it is more than likely that next we will have a stable version.

Linux 5.13 is expected on June 27

There is nothing special to say about this – rc6 is certainly smaller than rc5 was, so we are moving in the right direction. It is also not higher (or lower) than usual for this stage, nor do I have evidence of any particularly worrying report, so I think everything is going well. The diffstat is nice and flat with a couple of little spikes for some specific drivers. Everything seems very normal and non-threatening, in other words.

Initially, Linux 5.13 is programmed for the June 27th, although the truth is that Torvalds does not set a specific date for the releases of the stable versions. It does usually release seven Release Candidates and then the final version, that’s why we mention next Sunday as the day to mark on the calendar. If there is a problem in the next two weeks that needs to be fixed, the launch will be delayed seven days until July 4.