Linux 5.13-rc5

It is impossible to guess the future, and also to know exactly when the stable version of the Linux kernel currently in development will arrive. Linus Torvalds was expected to grow in size in rc3, but it didn’t. It did increase in rc4, which was not surprising because only lost ground had been recovered, but yesterday He launched Linux 5.13-rc5 and things continue down an unusual path. Therefore, it is not ruled out that the 8th RC is necessary, which is reserved for somewhat problematic versions.

The father of Linux begins his circular with an “Hmm” that makes us think that he is not entirely calm. Then it just says that things haven’t settled down yet, but that Linux 5.13-rc5 is close to average, so expect everything to start to get back on track in the next few weeks. Most problems are the responsibility of the networks, both the drivers and the code.

Linux 5.13-rc5 still leaves doubts

Hmm. Things have not started to calm down much yet, but rc5 seems to be fairly medium in size. Hope things start to wind down. The network (both the drivers and the main network code) is once again responsible for a fairly large part of the fixes in rc5, but there are quite a few fixes on other architectures (arm64 has mostly devicetree updates, but also there are fixes for x86, mips, powerpc), other drivers (GPU driver fixes stand out, but but there is also sound, HID, scsi, nvme… whatever).

After Linux 5.13-rc5, rc6 and rc7 have to arrive. Then, if things have improved, it will release the stable version on June 27th. If in the end everything goes the same way, there will be 8th Release Candidate and the Linux 5.13 release will take place on July 4th.