Linux 5.13-rc4

Last week, the father of Linux was surprised that the third RC of the current kernel development version had not grown when it should have. Yesterday, Linus Torvalds He launched Linux 5.13-rc4 And, as he had advanced, this time he has made up all the lost ground. He expected it because he believed that many developers had not submitted their requests in the week that they usually do, which is the third, and not the fourth like this time.

It is not only that it has grown; is it says that Linux 5.13-rc4 not the fourth largest Release Candidate of history, but that could compete for the title. As for whether an eighth RC will be needed due to the different sizes, that is, because the size has grown in the fourth and not in the third, Torvalds thinks that no, that they simply now have the work in hand that should have come the week previous.

Linux 5.13-rc4 is one of the largest in history

So after two little rc releases, the other program finally crashed, and rc4 is pretty hefty. It’s not the biggest rc4 we’ve had, but it’s certainly up there, credibly competing for the title. That said, precisely for the peace of mind of rc2 and rc3, the size of rc4 does not concern me, and I think that version 5.13 seems quite normal. This bump is because some stable jobs have finally made it to my tree. Especially the network tree, but there are also a ton of fixes in the driver tree.

From what we read this week, it does not seem or at the moment the launch of an eighth RC is not planned, so the stable version of Linux 5.13 will arrive on June 27th. As always, Ubuntu users who want to install it will have to do it on their own.