Linux 5.12-rc7 rises again in size and could delay its release

Linux 5.12-rc7

Eighth RC yes, eighth RC no, eighth RC yes… The development of the kernel that Linus Torvalds is working on right now has been a roller coaster ride or like peeling off a daisy. Rc6 had shrunk and thus reassured the Finnish developer, but the seesaw had already started in rc1, when a storm caused many to be without electricity. A few hours ago thrown out Linux 5.12-rc7, and, again, the possibility of delay arises.

Linux 5.12-rc7 is larger than normal in the seventh week, and Torvalds has yet to decide whether to pull the eighth Release Candidate wild card or not. If he has yet to decide, we can say little about it, just remember that it would not be the first time that he is “worried”, if the father of Linux can ever be really concerned, about the size of the kernel in his Seventh RC and there is launch of the stable version seven days later because everything has returned to its normal course.

Linux 5.12 will arrive next April 18 or 25

Oh good. rc5 was great. rc6 was small. And now rc7 is great again. In fact, it’s the biggest rc7 (at least in number of commits) we’ve had in the 5.x series. It’s mainly due to network arrays (of which rc6 had none), and none of them should be that scary, but it’s never good when we have such a large rc. It’s particularly annoying at the end of the launch window like this one.

If in the end everything is a “scare”, Linux 5.12 will be released next April 18th. If you need more testing, Torvalds will release an eighth Release Candidate to fix the issues, in which case it will arrive on April 25. At the time, Ubuntu users will have to install it on our own if we want to use the newest kernel version, since Hirsute Hippo will land with Linux 5.11.

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