Linux 5.12-rc3

Last week, Linus Torvalds had to advance the release of the second RC of the kernel version he develops because the first Release Candidate included a nasty swap file problem. A few hours ago, the famous Finnish developer He has launched Linux 5.12-rc3, a version in which everything seems to have returned to normal, starting because it was launched on Sunday and not on Friday as in the previous week.

The first thing Torvalds mentions is that Linux 5.12-rc3 is quite a bit bigger than normal, but he explains it by remembering that rc2 was released early, so this rc3 would include two more days of work than it should. Linux 5.12 is generally having normal development, and this rc3 is smaller than other releases, so the penguin kernel parent is calm and satisfied.

Linux 5.12-rc3: all calm, despite its size

So rc3 is pretty big this time, but that’s completely artificial, and because of how I released rc2 early. So I’m not going to read any more on this, 5.12 still seems to be on the smaller side overall. Also, due to the rc1 debacle, there has been a bit more overrun than usual, so the history of some of the commits sometimes seems more recent than it necessarily is.

If there are no surprises, and now that everything has returned to normal there is no reason to think about anything else, Linux 5.12 will arrive in the form of a stable version on next April 18. If something happened, it would be released a week later. For Ubuntu users and any official flavor, Linux 5.12 will not be a version that we can use if we do not install on our own, since Hirsute Hippo will use v5.11 of the kernel.