Linux 5.11-rc2

At Christmas there is usually little big news in the computer world. It is logical, since most spend their time resting with their families, but there is always something to tell. And Linus Torvalds does not care what dates we are on; he has an agenda and is immovable. Thus, after the launch of the first RC, a few hours ago He has launched Linux 5.11-rc2, a new Release Candidate with little change.

The reason for few changes that have been introduced in Linux 5.11-rc2 is the most logical in the world: we are still in the middle of the Christmas season, so this, like last week, has been a very quiet week. The size of this version of the kernel, information that is usually mentioned in each release, is miniscule, basically nothing significant because we are facing what would be the first RC with a few tweaks.

Linux 5.11 is the kernel that Hirsute Hippo will use

The merge window itself may not have been much affected by the holiday season, but that’s because all the new code should have already been ready before the merge window even opened, so the holidays they just didn’t end up affecting things much. But folks have (rightly) been mostly offline since, presumably overeating and doing all the other traditional holiday stuff. And just not be very active in general. That shows a lot in a little rc2 launch.

If there are no surprises, which would be very strange considering the deadlines, Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute hippo will arrive with Linux 5.11. It will use the Canonical version, which means that they will have already introduced the news of the first point updates and it will be the same company that will take care of its maintenance.