Linux 5.10-rc7 now available, stable version in a week

Linux 5.10-rc7

The father of Linux “got worried”, let’s put it in quotes, a little bit during the development of the kernel he’s working on right now. And the thing is that he found things that surprised him a bit, but he found an explanation and, as always, he was calm, more than anything because in the sixth RC everything had returned to his path. So yesterday He launched Linux 5.10-rc7 And, in his own words, things “look pretty good.”

Linux 5.10-rc7 it looks solid in terms of its size section And there’s nothing to fear There are patches for everything (drivers, architectures, networks, file systems, etc.), but almost everything with a small size. Therefore, if nothing unusual appears during the next seven days, next Sunday there will be a stable version, instead of the eighth RC that Torvalds had come to consider.

Linux 5.10 is coming December 13

Things are looking pretty good (knock on wood), and rc7 is solidly in the mid-size department, with nothing looking particularly scary. […] So unless something weird and bad happens next week, we’ll have a 5.10 release next weekend, and then we’ll get most of the window fusion for 5.11 finished and finished before the holiday season kicks off.

With the launch already imminent, we have to remember again that Linux 5.10 will be the next LTS version of the Linux kernel, something that matters little to Ubuntu users because Focal Fossa will remain on Linux 5.4 until further notice and normal releases are no longer supported after nine months. Most likely, Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute Hippo will arrive with Linux 5.11, since it is difficult for 5.12 to arrive in time for April 2021. Therefore, if we want to update to 5.10 next week we will have to do it manually or use a graphical tool like Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Installer, a fork of the now unfree Ukuu.

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