Linux 5.10-rc6 arrives improving and already giving good feelings

Linux 5.10-rc6

In previous weeks, things didn’t seem to be looking good. In the fourth and fifth RC, the Linux kernel currently under development should have been smaller, everything should have been calmer, but it was not. That calm does seem to have arrived just two weeks before the launch of the stable version, coinciding with the launch from Linux 5.10-rc6. Or so Linus Torvalds thinks so.

So the father of Linux is relieved, and it seems now that there is nothing to worry about. And all despite the fact that last week was Thanksgiving week in the United States, which could also have meant that some developer was distracted by Black Friday. This has not been the case, and although Linux 5.10-rc6 is a bit large in size, Torvalds says it is in “good shape.”

Linux 5.10, the next LTS version will land on December 13

For the first part of the week, it really seemed like things were settling down quite well, and mentally I already said “Ahh, Thanksgiving Week, this will be a quiet little rc.” And then Friday came, and everyone sent me their pull requests for the week, and everything seems very normal again. But at least this week it’s not unusually larger than normal, it’s a statistically pretty normal rc6. So unless we have a big surprise in what’s left, I think we’re in good shape.

If nothing serious happens in the next two weeks, Linux 5.10 will arrive on December 13. What is confirmed is that it will be the next LTS version of the Linux kernel, which means that it will be supported for a longer time. Ubuntu users who want to use it when the time comes will have to do the manual installation or use a tool such as Ubuntu Mainline Kernel installler.

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