Like Huawei, the United States could block Honor

Honor United States

At the end of last year Huawei sold Honor with the intention of freeing it from the US blockade. However, everything seems to indicate that he would have the same problem

In November 2020, the sale of Honor, the idea of Huawei was to be able to free her from blockade imposed by the United States and that in this way I could continue with the services of Google.

However it was revealed that USA could include this brand to your blacklist and in this way I would have the same future of Huawei.

Huawei Honor

Some media suggest that the American country is waiting for the possible growth that it has Honor, already far from Huawei.

Honor’s future is in jeopardy

According to The Washington Post, the US security agencies are divided and cannot agree on their Honor would pose a security threat.

“The Department of Energy and the Pentagon representation support blacklisting Honor. While the Department of Commerce and State are opposed to including it since there is no evidence that the brand continues to cling to Huawei. Nor do they sell devices in the United States or manufacture nuclear materials “

The media stressed that in the event that an agreement on the brand is not reached Honor, could climb to President Joe Biden who would be in charge of making the final decision.


Experts assure that the same measures that were applied to Huawei and although they no longer belong to the same owner, they will have to face the same policies.

That is, they could not have any type of agreement with US companies, so they could not count on their services.

It should be noted that Huawei managed to position itself as one of the most popular mobile brands, however the measures implemented by USA they affected their sales.

According to the latest reports, the company even ended up leaving the Top 5 of manufacturers. HonorAt the moment, it has not commented on the matter.

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