LGBT + pride | Google Maps indicates places with gender neutral bathrooms

As part of the LGBT + Pride celebration, Google Maps introduced a new feature that tells people where the places with gender-neutral bathrooms are

Constantly Google offers new functions in its service that are related to the monthly celebrations. On the occasion of the month of LGBT + pride, Maps introduced a new tool to teach people the safest places.

So that individuals can go out to celebrate in “friendly” spaces, the application will show the places that have gender neutral bathrooms.

“#Pride is a symbol of community, equality, inclusion and progress. This month we will share how you can find safe spaces on Google Maps and celebrate LGBTQ friendly places near you. “


This measure of gender-neutral bathrooms helps to be able to know if the places are identified as a safe place for the people of the LGBT + community.

He also announced that memories in the Photos app will be restricted and made more inclusive, so that it is not a painful platform for trans people.

Apart from the gender neutral bathrooms, the tech giant will implement more measures. For example the platform Google Arts & Culture and to offer more information about LGBT + artists.

You can also see 5 thousand photographs that illustrate the history of the community. For his part Google tv add new collections for Pride reasons.

When texting Pride in the search engine Google a shower of confetti and flags will be presented to make the platform more colorful. On June 2, they dedicated their Doodle to Frank Kamenty, a pioneer of the movement demanding rights for the LGBT + community.

Juan Rajlin, treasurer and co-global executive of PRIDE at Google, reported the measures that had been taken for the month of June.

Through a statement it was also reported that a support fund of 4 million dollars will be given to support the LGBT + communities. It is intended to benefit 100 organizations in 60 countries.


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