LG soundbar with subwoofer on sale at a great discount

The reason we say this is that the potency that this product allows reaches nothing less than 300 W, which is infinitely superior to what any current television offers with the speakers that it integrates. That is to say, the rotundity that you are going to achieve when listening to anything is excellent. This LG SJ4 has two output units: one the traditional elongated one that is placed under the TV and the other a striking subwoofer that allows you to decisively improve the bass and bass you hear.

Soundbar LG SJ4 in black color

Finished in black and with the possibility of hanging the LG sound bar we are talking about on the wall, it should be noted that in the front area of ​​the main element there is a pLCD screen that allows to know at all times the function that the product of the Asian company has active. By the way, and this is quite important, this accessory does not lack a remote control that allows you to manage any type of configuration and parameter management calmly sitting in the armchair in the living room.

Sound options you should know

Apart from being a 2.1 model due to the inclusion of the subwoofer and offering sound compatibility Hi-Res, it does not lack such striking options as the use of Dolby Digital and DTS Digital, which ensures great precision when enjoying all kinds of content (including series and movies). We think it is interesting to indicate that this is a model compatible with the manufacturer’s own ASC technology, which is capable of automatically adjusting the sound depending on what you are playing, and for this it establishes a specific equalization at all times. It also uses Auto Sound Engine so that you do not have problems with coupling or poor precision when the volume is very high.

LG soundbar connections

A spectacular price for this LG soundbar

We do not know how long the promotion we are talking about will be active, but because there is a 20% discount You can get this product by paying only 144 euros, an amount that due to everything that this model includes inside it can be considered a bargain. With a large number of possibilities and this device being recommended to use it with TVs 50 inches or larger, we leave you the link that you have to take advantage of right now because you will not have to add absolutely anything for the shipping costs.

Finally, we believe that it is very important to know the connectivity offered by this LG SJ4 soundbar that, we already announced, is quite complete. Without lacking technology compatibility Bluetooth, which gives this product a wide compatibility and convenience in installation, it also includes digital optical input and 4K compliant HDMI. If you add to this that it also has a headphone jack and a USB port that allows you to connect external storage disks with content that can be MP3, the truth is that there is everything you might need.

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