LG soundbar quite powerful on sale and without shipping costs

The LG SN7CY, which is the model we are talking about, is perfect for improving the experience you have with your TV speakers when watching all kinds of content (such as movies and even games on the most popular consoles. current). We say this because the full power offers this accessory stereo reaches the 160 W, which is much higher than what any current TV offers, so it is a success when it comes to enjoying more powerful bass and much more defined highs.

Soundbar front LG SN7CY

Other good details that this LG sound bar has in the quality section are the following: it is compatible with Hi-Res, which ensures excellent definition if the sound source is too. The point is that all the details are heard in a more precise way, which is always beneficial for the user. Besides, it also has compatibility with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, which among other things ensures that the location is very good so that all the effects that currently exist in the contents are reproduced properly (it is worth noting the compatibility with 24-bit and 192 KHz sound). Without a doubt a model that will convince you.

Good deal for the LG SN7CY

Right now you can get this model that has a 3.0.2 system inside for so only 229.99 euros. A most appropriate figure taking into account the aforementioned characteristics and that it is a sound bar that does not take up too much space once placed in the living room. Without further ado, we leave below the link that you have to use in Amazon where, in the case of having a Prime account, you do not have to add anything when it comes to shipping costs.

Connectivity of this LG sound bar

On the one hand, it does not lack Bluetooth, something that is essential today, since there are many televisions that allow synchronization without having to use any cable (obviously, this also allows the sending of content from phones and tablets). Besides, it does not lack other connection options such as sound input and, also, HDMI which ensures a practically perfect compatibility. By the way, this last option is compatible with 4K content.

Soundbar corner LG SN7CY

The truth is that this complete LG sound bar is a good purchase option, since it has very striking options, to which we must add that it has the Meridian collaboration to achieve a high quality sound, and that all this is done with quite contained dimensions. They are as follows: 119 x 890 x 65 centimeters, so it fits perfectly under any current television.

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