LG soundbar on sale at a bargain price and free shipping

The model we are talking about is one that includes everything in a single element, so it does not take up much space under the Smart TV (only 890 x 65 x 119 mm). The sound system what if interiors 3.0.2, which in principle allows a good spatial location to be achieved, something that is very much enjoyed with series and also with games. It should be noted what is the creation of this LG SN7CY the Asian manufacturer has had the collaboration of Meridian, which is a company that has great prestige when it comes to developing all kinds of products and technologies for audio.

Soundbar LG SN7CY in black color

With a black finish that allows it to fit without any problem in practically any type of decoration, if you wonder about the power that this LG soundbar is capable of emitting there is good news: nothing less than 160 W. This is much higher than what any current television can offer, so you will take a very important qualitative leap in the case of deciding to buy this product. Besides, it also offers advanced options in what has to do with sound, such as DTS: X; Bass Blast / Bass Blast +; ASC; and compatibility with Hi-Res Audio. All this makes the model we are talking about ideal for any type of use.

Simply excellent connectivity

This is a really important section when evaluating the purchase of an accessory of this type, since if the number of possibilities is not wide enough, you can have a bad user experience. The fact is that the LG SN7CY comes with an excellent catalog in this section, since for example it has both optical digital input to ensure excellent compatibility with all types of televisions and even has HDMI with 4K support (both input and output). To all this, we must add the possibility of using Bluetooth in the case that you do not want to put any cable through media or external storage disks with multimedia content because there are also USB.

LG SN7CY Soundbar Connections

An ideal discount to buy this LG sound bar

The truth is that the number of options that we have indicated that this device offers is quite wide, and to all this we must add that right now you can take advantage of a 25% discount in the eBay store. If you take into account that you do not have to pay anything for shipping costs at least at this time, the saving of 84.85 euros we believe is an excellent option to get a very good soundbar. We leave you the link that you have to use from a computer or mobile device:

Some other characteristics that you should keep in mind is that this model does not lack a remote control that allows it to be controlled very comfortably without having to get up from the chair. In addition, among the audio formats that it is capable of using, you can find both Dolby Digital Plus and DTS: X, so you can always fully enjoy all the content you decide to use on the television you have in your living room.

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