LG Rollable | New roll screen phone

New roll screen phone

During CES 2021 LG unveiled its first roll-up screen phone, it works just like a scroll

LG surprised during his participation in the CES 2021 since he presented his first roll-up screen phone. LG Rollable it can be stored just like a scroll.

The company claims that its new cell phone has a “single resizable screen” that transforms from a phone to a small tablet. The screen slides in and out to extend its surface area.

rollable lg

While other companies are working on their folding phones, LG surprised by presenting a roll up phone. Thanks to its panel, the mobile can be converted into a device with the size of a tablet automatically and vice versa.

The device belongs to the new product line called Explorer Project and for now it’s just a concept. During the CES 2021 the characteristics of the LG Rollable, but a video in which you can see how it works.

Leaks have revealed that this mobile will measure 6.4 inches in its rolled form and up to 7.4 inches when it is unrolled.

Some rumors indicate that the equipment could be launched on the market in the second half of 2021, however it is unknown if it will be possible to see it for sale since it is still in testing.

It is not the first time LG presents a device with roll up screen, since in 2020 it presented its first OLED television with this technology. The LG Signature R has a 65-inch roll-up screen and is priced at $ 60,000.

LG Rollable It won’t be the only phone with this technology as TCL showed off a number of future phone concepts last year and Oppo also demonstrated a concept device with an expandable OLED screen.

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