LG RK1D sound tower with a great discount and no shipping costs

One of the things that attracts the attention of this accessory is that it has a quite striking design. Color finish black, the dimensions of the product we are talking about are quite contained (962 x 164 x 136 mm). And therefore, it fits perfectly in almost any place in the room, including the corners. By the way, the combination of glossy and matte elements gives it a very interesting look and therefore never clashes.

Sound tower LG RK1D

The communication that you can establish with this LG RK1D sound tower has many possibilities. We say this because although it has a large number of connection types, which ensures excellent flexibility when it comes to always being able to get the most out of this device. An example of what you will find is an entry for auxiliary line (L / R) and Bluetooth, which allows you to send content from any other compatible device such as computers and mobile terminals … and without putting any cable in between. In addition, it also has an entrance USB and take from antenna in case you love to enjoy FM radio.

Good deal for this LG sound tower

This is one of the details that undoubtedly draws the attention of the product we are talking about, since at this time you can take advantage of an excellent discount that reaches nothing less than the 35% of the price you usually have to buy it from home. Therefore, you can get this complete sound tower for 64.35 euros, an amount that we believe is at least quite sensible. Then we leave you the link that you have to use to not miss this occasion that has the interesting addition of not having to pay anything for shipping costs … something that will very possibly make you decide to finally make the purchase.

Sound quality offered by this LG RK1D

There are two sound channels that this equipment has, each of them capable of emitting a power of 25 W. This means that it has more than enough to be an adequate solution in rooms that are more than 30 square meters, as can happen in the living room of the house. In addition, the equipment has several preconfigured Modes that allow you to adjust all the parameters to get all the possible definition to this sound tower. The available options are as follows: Standard, POP, Classic, Rock, Jazz and Bass Blast. In other words, practically all the needs that may be had are covered.

Sound tower edges LG RK1D

Finally, it is important to comment that this LG sound tower does not lack an accessory that we believe is essential to ensure easy use. We speak, of course, of a remote control to everything from the chair and you can always review the settings established in a LED panel that looks perfect. With all that we have indicated and taking into account that you can establish Bluetooth communication with two devices In parallel, the truth is that we believe that this is a product that is worth it both for you and if you have to give a gift.

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