LG develops robot to disinfect public spaces with ultraviolet light


The company’s proposal to combat Covid-19 is a robot to disinfect spaces automatically in 15 minutes

Due to the contingency by the coronavirus, companies have opted for the development of robots that reduce the risks of contagion. Such is the case of LG which presented its own design that allows disinfect the spaces.

LG CLOi will be able to provide the necessary safety, hygiene and disinfection in hotels, schools, offices and restaurants.


The objective of the equipment is that it can eliminate environmental particles through a ultraviolet light. In this way you could disinfect spaces automatically without putting people’s safety at risk.

What is the advantage of LG’s disinfecting robot?

LG points out that his robot you could move around the places without having to rely on the intervention of people. The whole procedure could be controlled through a smartphone or from a tablet.

The company highlighted that its robot is very efficient and easy to use. Depending on the size of the site, the device may disinfect in a time that oscillates between 15 and 30 minutes.

lg robot

According to experts the ultraviolet light It is responsible for eliminating particles from the environment.

“Customers can rest assured that their exposure to potentially hazardous particles will be reduced with this new solution,” said Roh Kyu-chan, vice president and head of the robotics business unit at LG Business Solutions.

Its creators point out that the robot It can be used in schools, conventions, hotels and restaurants.

“Customers will expect a higher level of hygiene in the ecosystem that we now face,” concluded Roh.

LG will present the new robot to disinfect at CES 2021 through a virtual conference. It is expected to reach the United States market in 2021, although there is no official price.

The company has also not specified whether it will soon reach other markets.

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