LeoCAD 21.03 has already been released and these are its news

A few days ago the launch of the new version of “LeoCAD 21.03” which is a computer-aided design environment designed to create virtual models assembled from pieces in the style of Lego designers.

The program combines a simple interface that allows beginners to quickly get used to the model creation process, with a wide set of options for advanced users, including tools for writing automation scripts and applying their textures.

LeoCAD is compatible with LDraw tools, you can read and write projects in LDR and MPD formats, as well as load blocks from the LDraw library, which has around 10,000 items to assemble.

Although there are other LEGO block CAD editors, LeoCAD is considered excellent for Windows and Linux operating systems. It is also available for macOS. LeoCAD is available under the GNU v2 Public License and according to its official website, it will always remain free.

According to its website, the term “LDraw” can be used to refer to the DOS-based LDraw program and the LDraw parts library as well as the LDraw file format or the LDraw Tool System.

Main new features of LeoCAD 21.03

In this new version presented, one of the main novelties that stands out is that sand added support for drawing conditional lines They are not always visible, but only from a certain angle of view.

Another of the changes that stands out in LeoCAD 21.03 is the support for drawing peaks and high-contrast block grooves, as well as logos on block peaks, plus an option to adjust the color of the edges was implemented.

On the other hand tools for measuring the model have been added to the dialog with properties.

We can also find that Download of official parts is provided before downloading unofficial parts and that problems were fixed when working on screens with high pixel density on the macOS platform.

Of the other changes that stand out from this new version:

  • Added a new widget to find and replace.
  • Improved Bricklink xml export.
  • Added the ability to insert parts while keeping their original steps.

How to install LeoCAD on Ubuntu and derivatives?

For those who are interested in being able to obtain this application, they can do so by following the steps that we share below.

The first thing they will have to do is download the latest stable version of the softwareThis can be done by going to the official website of the project and in its download section you can obtain the file.

From the terminal they can do it with the wget command, that at the moment the stable version is v18.02.

wget https://github.com/leozide/leocad/releases/download/v21.03/LeoCAD-Linux-21.03-x86_64.AppImage

Done the download, now We are going to give execution permissions to the AppImage file to be able to execute it on our system, we do this with:

sudo chmod a+x LeoCAD-Linux-21.03-x86_64.AppImage

AND We can run the application on our system by double clicking on the downloaded file or from the terminal with the command:


Another method to be able to install this software in our system is with the help of Snap packages, that for those who are on the latest versions of Ubuntu 20.10 or 20.04 LTS, they can install only by typing the following command:

sudo snap install leocad

In case you do not have Snap support added to your system, you can follow the instructions that we share in this article.

Finally, the last of the methods with which we can install LeoCAD in our system is with the help of Flatpak packages and for this we must have the support of this type of packages added in our system. If you do not have this added support, you can consult the following publication where we explain how to add said support.

To install LeoCAD using the Flatpak packages, just open a terminal and type the following command:

flatpak install flathub org.leocad.LeoCAD

Undoubtedly, a very practical software for those who use LEGO, both for the little ones and for adults who are still having fun.

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