Lenovo X18 TWS wireless headphones on sale for only € 18.92

We refer to the Lenovo X18, wireless headphones compatible with True Wireless, so there is almost no loss when communicating or transferring data and they are also equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for a connection as stable as possible.

Good connection and great features

A headset that has a 6mm membrane to offer high sound quality and they have a compact and ergonomic design so that we can use them for hours without any fatigue. For this they also have silicone tips that fit perfectly to our ears.

Lenovo X18 black and white wireless headphones

And it is that another of the details to highlight of these Lenovo X18 is that they have a 40 mAh battery capable of giving them an autonomy of about 4 hours. Now, thanks to the battery in its charging case, 300 mAh, its total use time is approximately 14 hours. In addition, it should be noted that they have fast charging, so we can have another 14 hours of autonomy in less than 2 hours.

Lenovo X18 Wireless Headphones are also equipped with a microphone that allows to use them in hands-free mode when they call us or make a call through mobile. It also allows us to access voice assistants and thus be able to send certain voice commands to control calls or music playback. Although for that they also have touch panels that allow us to handle the reproductions and calls in a very simple way and without having to remove the headphones at any time.

Lenovo X18 TWS headphones at an incredible price

The official price of these Lenovo X18 bluetooth headphones is 30.04 euros, but thanks to the discount applied by Gearbest, it is now possible to buy them at a greatly reduced price. Specifically, the discount that this model has is 37%, which is a great savings when buying these Lenovo headphones.

Lenovo X18 wireless headphones with case

In this way, the final sale price is only 18.92 euros, a price to which we must add the shipping costs to Spain and which in this case are only 0.34 euros. Shipping is in just a few days, although the estimated delivery time is between 15 and 28 working days. The offer is available in two colors, black and white, so we can choose the one we like the most.

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