Lenovo smartwatch lowered with its biggest discount ever

The wearables of this company are not well known in our country, but the truth is that they offer options that are interesting, since it has a very good value for money. The fact is that the device we are talking about has a 1.4-inch touch screen that allows you to view colors with a resolution of 240 x 240. Therefore, the information, for example the notifications that reach the phone, can be review are no problem. By the way, the finish of the main element is metal, so its appearance is striking.

Lenovo S2 smartwatch screen

One of the things that are interesting about this Lenovo S2, which is the model we are talking about, is that it has a range that is quite wide and convincing. Thus, it is possible to use it without charging it for a whole week (and we speak with a use of the screen without restrictions). This, among other things, is achieved because the built-in battery of 180 mAh it is more than enough to achieve good results and, in addition, its proprietary operating system is not very demanding, since it does not allow installing additional applications.

Options for using this Lenovo smartwatch on sale

Among those that this model has is being able to use it as an alarm or review calls and notifications that arrive at the phones with which it is synchronized through Bluetooth (which can be both iOS as Android, since the compatibility is total). In addition, it is also a good companion when it comes to detecting physical activity that is carried out on a day-to-day basis. Thus, for example, it is able to recognize a large number of sports automaticallySuch as basketball, running, cycling, and even swimming. Yes, this model offers five atmospheres water resistance, so you should not be afraid to bathe with it.

Lenovo S2 Smartwatch Strap

Your offer, completely irresistible

This is because right now there is a Gearbest 38% discount to get this wearable accessory, so its price remains at 21.76 euros … a simply derisory amount, since this is a fairly complete smartwatch. By the way, the shipping costs are really low, since you only have to add € 0.42 to the aforementioned. We leave the purchase link where you will get the model that has a cloth strap which, of course, you can change if you wish.

With a weight under 50 grams, which is quite low, some of the additional possibilities that this Lenovo S2 has is to be able to keep track of the sleep quality and, also, that it has heart rate sensor so that the information you acquire is as complete as possible. So clearly this is a complete model and it’s quite a bargain now.

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