Lenovo LP1 bluetooth headphones type AirPods for only 13.46 euros

Great value for money

The model in question is the Lenovo LP1, a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headset that offers dual high-definition stereo sound to enjoy a great experience when listening to your favorite music or making calls in hands-free mode. A model equipped with a 10mm disc and featuring a Ergonomic design that allows a perfect grip and that allows you to wear them for hours without any fatigue.

LEnovo Lp1 Stereo Headphones

At first glance, these Lenovo LP1 headphones stand out for having a very careful design in the shape of a stick with the metal tip and silicone tips for a correct grip, even if we want to use them to go out to do sports. In addition, they allow you to carry out certain controls on the music or to answer calls with a simple touch.

Some headphones that also have IPX4 certified which makes them resistant to sweat and splashes of water. Hence, we can use them for training or even while it rains. These Lenovo LP1s also feature a noise reduction system to make the sound experience the best possible. That is, it allows you to block certain sounds in the environment so that listening through the headphones is as clear and crisp as possible.

Of course, they have built-in microphone to be able to answer and make calls hands-free or even connect with voice assistants. The wireless range offered by these Lenovo LP1 headphones is approximately 10 meters and they have a 300 mAh battery that gives them a autonomy of up to 12 hours, as long as we have the battery that includes the case itself.

By just having the case charging for two hours, we can once again enjoy the maximum autonomy of these Lenovo headphones.

Lenovo LP1 bluetooth headphones on sale

The official price of these Lenovo LP1 bluetooth headphones is about 25 euros, although in Gearbest they start from a price of 17.28 euros. Now, thanks to the 21% discount applied to this model, it is now possible to buy them at price of only 13.64 euros.

Lenovo LP1 bluetooth headset with case

A price to which we only have to add the costs for shipping to Spain, which this time is only 0.47 euros. The estimated delivery time is between 15 and 28 days and they are available in two colors to choose from at the time of ordering, black and white.

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