Lenovo laptop with Windows 10 lowered and now it’s shipping costs

This is a computer that has a screen of 15.6 inch, dimensions that are not a very important handicap when carrying it from one place to another (especially if you have a backpack for this type of laptop, since the weight does not exceed two kilos). Regarding the resolution of this component, it must be indicated that it reaches Full HD So we are talking about the computer that allows you to watch high resolution videos, such as YouTube, to being a good solution when using applications in which you have to edit multimedia content.

Front of Lenovo IP3 15ADA05 A4-3020E laptop

Finished in Gray quite attractive and with a keyboard that is quite comfortable to use, since each of the elements that make it up has a very correct space and dimensions, it should be noted especially that this Lenovo IP3 15ADA05 A4-3020E is a model that responds quite well in what has to do with autonomy, since it is capable of arrive at eight o’clock with a use normal. It is what has to do with charging, it includes a traditional accessory that connects to a specific port for this type of process, so there is nothing to be able to use options such as USB type C.

Offer to buy this Lenovo laptop

At this time you can buy from home and completely reliably this equipment with a price of only 299 euros, for which it is one of the cheapest I feel complete of those that you can currently find on the market. Due to this discount and that you do not have to pay absolutely anything to have it sent to your home, we believe that it is an excellent opportunity that you should not miss getting this complete laptop. Next, we leave the link that you have to use to get this model that has an operating system Windows 10.

Lenovo IP3 15ADA05 A4-3020E Hardware

It is not possible to expect to obtain the best possible performance with this device, since its price predicts that last generation components have not been included… But they are solvent enough to be able to use the vast majority of the software that is currently available. An example of what we say is that the processor is a AMD 320e which is combined with 4 GB RAMTherefore, in principle, adequate performance is obtained using applications such as those of office automation or the Internet browser.

Side of Lenovo IP3 15ADA05 A4-3020E

It should also be noted that inside this Lenovo laptop there is a disk type SSD with a storage capacity of 128 GB, and this is something that clearly favors a good experience of using the computer. Besides, when it comes to connectivity, it should be noted that it does not lack Bluetooth and WiFi and, in addition, it also has three USB ports and HDMI output.

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