Lenovo laptop on sale with a great design at its best price

The equipment we are talking about comes with a gray finish in which the metal is not lacking, and one of its characteristics that is striking is that its weight is only 1.5 kg, which is pretty cool for a computer with a 14 inch. Without stopping talking about this component, it should be noted that its resolution is Full HD, which ensures that you can see all kinds of content with good quality, an example is movies and series. In addition, there is a detail that is really interesting: the brightness offered by the integrated IPS panel is 300 nits, so it can be seen perfectly outdoors.

Lenovo Ideapad S540 laptop open

The autonomy offered by this Lenovo laptop on offer easily exceeds eight hours of useThis ensures that the equipment we are talking about is an excellent solution both for working at home and if you have to do it outside of it. Even, it also fits perfectly as a solution for students. All this is achieved because the integrated hardware is not very demanding energetically speaking since it includes a battery with a charge of 45 Wh, which is really fine considering the aforementioned weight. By the way, this model has fast charging.

Take advantage of the sale for this Lenovo Ideapad S540

At this time you can take advantage of a 25% discount To get this product, this represents a concrete saving of € 200 compared to the price that a complete laptop usually has in the eBay store. Without having to pay absolutely nothing for shipping costs At least this is the case right now, we leave you the link that you have to use so as not to miss this opportunity from your home. It is as follows:

Good options on this Lenovo laptop on sale

Inside this computer you will find a processor Intel Core i5-8265U It has four cores, this in principle ensures good performance with practically all the software that exists for Windows. It is what has to do with the integrated memory the storage is type SSD on an internal disk of 256 gigs and, in addition, it does not lack 4 GB of RAM. Therefore, all types of applications move very easily and you will not even have any problem in multitasking conditions. In other words, it can practically do everything.

Lenovo Ideapad S540 lid

Finally, we must comment that in the connectivity section there is good news in this Lenovo laptop on sale. An example is that it has Dual Band WiFi, Bluetooth and it even has three USB ports (one of them type C). It should be noted that this is a model that takes great care of security, something for which it includes fingerprint reader which ensures that no one can access the content on the computer unless it is enabled to do so.

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