Lenovo HE05X Bluetooth Headphones now with an irresistible offer

This is a model that uses technology Bluetooth 5.0 to communicate with the sound source, which can be for example a phone or tablet and even the smart watch that you wear on your wrist. When using the version of the connection interface we are talking about, this is a model that has compatibility True Wireless, which avoids the small micro cuts that are sometimes produced with quality models and that make the reproductions suffer both in quality and in communication.

Lenovo HE05X White Headphones

Compatible with all the operating systems that you want to use the Lenovo HE05X, such as for example iOS and AndroidIt should be noted that these are neck-type headphones that include an element that is placed in that place for better support (and that also serves so that you do not have loss problems in the case of not using the helmets at a specific time). For this purpose they even have a magnetic closure between the two sound elements we think is quite useful. Regarding the design, one of the things that we want to be more remarkable is that this product has silicone tips that ensure a good fit in the ears.

Ideal for sports

We say this for several reasons, one of the main ones being having a weight that is below 15 grams and therefore it is hardly noticeable that they are being worn. But there is more, such as that this is a device that has protection against water, since it is compatible with the standard IPX5 so neither the sweat looks splashing affects it both in the operation and in the degradation of its manufacturing material (which is a mixture of ABS plastic and rubber). Ideal, as we have said, to be an excellent companion on running outings or when you have to go to the gym to complete a circuit.

Lenovo Headphone Remote

An outrageous price for the Lenovo HE05X

The promotion that we believe that you should not miss if you are looking for sports helmets is available in the Gearbest store, and in it you will take advantage of a discount that reaches 28%. This means that you only have to pay 9.46 euros to get this product what we think is quite a bargain. We leave the link that you have to use so as not to miss the opportunity to get this model that offers an autonomy of 12 hours on just one charge, more than enough so that it does not disappoint.

It is important to comment that in the section on sound quality there is good news, since, for example, the Lenovo HE05X has characteristics that are quite important such as a sensitivity of 92 dB and the use of response frequencies ranging from the 20 to 20,000 Hz. If to this is added that it has a maximum power of 10 mW without distortion, in principle they comply perfectly so that when you are doing your best you have a soundtrack that accompanies perfectly.

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