Lenovo gaming laptop on sale with a big discount and free shipping

The team we are talking about is the Lenovo Legion 5, a device that has a lot of virtues to be a good purchase option for gamers in the house. Without going any further, the screen it includes is 15.6 inch which are measures that are adequate to achieve a balanced use between the portability that is sought with this type of computer and, of course, having more than enough space so as not to disappoint in the games. The resolution of its IPS panel is Full HD, enough to squeeze well everything that runs, and highlights that the frequency it allows is 120 Hz, so the fluidity in changing the images is excellent.

Lenovo Legion 5 laptop screen

The main hardware included in this Lenovo gaming laptop is powerful enough for the most demanding titles on the market to run smoothly and with total absence of lag. A clear example of this that we say is that the processor that includes this model is a AMD Ryzen 7-4800H that combines power with a fairly low consumption. Besides, it integrates 16 GB of RAM, so the fluency offered by managing data is high. In this way, and together with a dedicated graphic NVIDIA RTX2060 With six gigabytes of memory, it’s no wonder games with 3D graphics work like a charm.

Good offer that you have to take advantage of

If what we have said about this Lenovo gaming laptop convinces you, right now in the Amazon store there is an offer that you should not miss, since it allows you to take advantage of a 17% discount. This represents a saving of 200 euros, a quite remarkable amount for a complete gaming computer that has a correct weight considering that it is not one of those that seeks to be the lightest on the market. Without having to pay anything for shipping if you have a Prime account, we leave the link shopping that you can take advantage of without having to leave home.

Important options in this Lenovo gaming laptop

One of which is important is that the internal storage disk that this equipment has is type SSD, which allows the operating system to work perfectly and very quickly. By the way, the amount of space available for this component is 512 GB, more than enough to avoid having to resort to external options on a regular basis. When it comes to the keyboard and touchpad, the first is ergonomic and is in Spanish, while the second supports gestures and is quite large.

Lenovo Legion 5 laptop lid

With a powerful but silent cooling system that ensures that the laptop is not put at risk when it is being used at its maximum power, it should be noted that Internet connectivity by Wifi It’s great as it has an improved adapter for continuous and stable data transfer (great for online gaming or Xbox Game Pass access). Finally, it must be said that the battery of this equipment is 80 Wh, allowing you to enjoy more than five hours of use when playing titles in three dimensions.

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