Lenovo desktop with a great deal and free shipping

The equipment we are talking about is the Lenovo Ideacentre 510S-07ICB, which quite possibly does not tell you anything is what it has to do with knowing what it is capable of offering you. The fact is that it is a model tower type which has quite contained dimensions (of only 100 x 270 x 288.5 millimeters) and that for this reason it can be fitted in practically any place on the desk you use or even in a piece of furniture underneath it. Finished in gray and in vertical format, it should be noted that when buying this computer also USB keyboard and mouse included so you can use it from the first moment.

Lenovo Ideacentre 510S-07ICB in gray

The core hardware you’ll find inside this Lenovo desktop ensures that the vast majority of software current you can use it without many problems. It is not the most powerful on the market, but quite only. Thus, the processor inside is a Intel Core i3-8100 quad-core that works a maximum frequency of 3.6 GHz, and this is accompanied by 4 GB RAM DDR4 type that is enough so that you do not have any problems even in multitasking conditions (with several applications open).

Big savings for this Lenovo Ideacentre 510S-07ICB

In these moments you can enjoy a discount very important that reaches the 40% savings which means that you stop paying no less than 200 euros. An excellent figure for a good quality desktop computer that is perfect for both work and study from home. We leave you the purchase link that you have to use to get the equipment we are talking about and where right now you do not have to pay nothing for shipping costs, so it is advisable not to miss this opportunity.

Important things about this Lenovo desktop computer

One of the things that we want to be basic is that this is a computer with excellent storage capacity, since it reaches to 1 TB on its internal disk which is mechanical type. The fact is that you will not have any problem storing everything you need, be it images or applications, without having to resort to an external device to optimize this section. In addition, it should also be noted that this is a model that makes very little noise when it works, something that is very appreciated and that is rarely taken into account when buying a new computer.

Lenovo Ideacentre 510S-07ICB Desktop Computer Front Connections

It is also important to note that the connection options are excellent on this Lenovo desktop computer, since apart from offering up to six USB ports (several of them 3.0), it also includes HDMI and DisplayPort video output and even Ethernet. In addition, it has wireless options such as Bluetooth and WiFi, so you will avoid the use of many cables.

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