LED light rings to record high quality videos from your mobile

If you are one of those who like to make videos forto YouTube or TikTok, there is an accessory for the mobile that you cannot miss, a ring of light. Perhaps you have already seen someone make use of one of these light rings, since they are a very useful accessory to achieve perfect lighting in any environment. In this way, you can record better quality videos even in places with very little light.

The truth is that we can find a wide variety of models on the market, some of higher quality designed for photography and video professionals and others very accessible for all types of users who are looking for an accessory that allows them to record their best videos anywhere. moment.

It is about led light rings that we can dock directly on the mobile or use a small tripod and that allow us to greatly improve the quality of our videos. They are designed to hold the mobile while we record and have many LEDs around it to achieve quality light. Among its main functions or characteristics, it must be taken into account that the level or intensity of light, temperature or brightness can be adjusted.

In this way, we can achieve the perfect environment for each moment depending on where we are recording the video. In addition, it is normal that the ring light can be easily rotate to light and record around us. They also usually offer the possibility of choosing between several shades of light and it is important to check that they are compatible with our mobile phone. Although today most models offer great compatibility. In any case, below we are going to show a compilation with some of the rings of light for the mobile with which to be able to record high quality videos for YouTube or TikTok for very little money.

Light rings for mobile at the best price


48 cm light ring with support made up of dimmable light and made up of 240 LEDs. The bracket is made of aluminum alloy and offers great resistance and lightness. It allows you to rotate the light, apply color filters to show whiter or orange light, and it has a clamp-shaped adapter compatible with most cameras and a mobile phone holder.


Adjustable light ring with 162 12-inch LED bulbs with a high-resistance tripod made of aluminum and adjustable in height. It allows a range of light attenuation between 1 and 100%. It has a universal support for the mobile that allows a firm and secure hold at any angle, up to three colors and different levels of brightness, remote control with bluetooth, etc.


Ring of light to record video with the 10.2-inch mobile with bluetooth remote control and 128 LED lights. It comes with an adjustable tripod at different heights and different brightness modes to get the best light at all times. It offers a fairly uniform light and universal compatibility so that we can use it with any mobile phone without any problem.


10-inch arc surface light ring offers a lighting angle of up to 120 degrees. It offers three shades of light, cold white, warm white and warm yellow, to choose the one that best suits our needs. It can be used for cameras or mobiles, has great compatibility and is accompanied by an easy-to-adjust tripod with double support.


10.2 inch LED ring light with adjustable tripod. It has remote control via Bluetooth, three light modes of different shades or quality and up to 10 brightness levels. Ideal for taking selfies, recording videos for YouTube or TikTok or makeup sessions. Multi-function 360 degree rotating ring, mobile holder, desk light ring, for mobile with tripod or for use with selfie stick.


This WOWGO model is 10 inches in size and offers up to three different colors or color temperatures with 11 brightness levels each. It is accompanied by a stable support tripod with height adjustable length that allows the ring to be rotated 360 degrees and allows remote shooting through Bluetooth connectivity. Compatible with all types of phones, iOS and Android.


LED ring light for mobile with 10 RGB colors. On this occasion, it not only has white colors of different warmth, but it also allows you to change between 7 colors of light, red, green, blue, white, yellow, pink or orange. Each color offers up to 10 different brightness levels to be able to create the atmosphere we want for each moment. It is 8-inch in size, rotates 360 degrees, and has a frame made of high-strength aluminum. The tripod is metal and offers a very simple system to mount and fold.


Ring of light for the mobile composed of 40 led lights that offers up to three levels of color of different temperatures and three different levels of brightness for each one. Rechargeable via USB with an autonomy of up to 60 minutes in single light mode and 30 minutes if we use it in double light mode, brighter. It takes up very little space and we can carry it comfortably in our pocket. Easily adjustable for use with our smartphone and compatible with all types of mobiles.


LED light ring with tripod with a size of 10 inches accompanied by a tripod. It offers three light modes with cooler or warmer whites and 10 brightness levels for each color tone. It has 120 LEDs to achieve the best lighting in all types of environments and to be able to record your videos for YouTube or TikTok with the best possible quality. It rotates 360 degrees and has a secure fit for the mobile.


Ring of light for selfies. On this occasion, it is a rechargeable 36 LED ring that offers up to three light modes and that has a clip or tab to easily attach it to our mobile phone. It offers maximum compatibility with all types of smartphones and allows it to be easily carried in any pocket so that it can be used at any time.

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