Learn all about the new features coming to WhatsApp

Day, afternoon and night we communicate through WhatsApp, an application that has become essential for daily life. For that reason, today we are excited to share with you all about the new features that Marck Zuckerberg wants to add to the app, to improve our experience on WhatsApp.

New features coming to WhatsApp - Hola Telcel Blog

Three new features coming to WhatsApp soon

1. Hide the last connection time

This is one of the most anticipated tools by users, since It will allow people to choose not to share their last hour of connection with a specific person.

However, if the user hides his last connection to a contact, he will not be able to see that person’s connection time either.

This feature is just being tested in the beta version of iOS, so everyone is waiting for it to become official and for more details to be revealed on how it will look and work.

Greater security in WhatsApp how to hide your last connection time - Blog Hola Telcel

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2. Access messages to verify complaints

Another upcoming WhatsApp update notes that the platform will improve its complaints system.

The application will be able to read the last five messages of a chat if there is a complaint due to bad user behavior.

There will also be the option that users accept or not the sending of these messages to the moderator or that the report can be canceled.

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3. Reactions to messages

The platform is working on activating reactions for WhatsApp messages in private and group chats. Currently, this function is available in other apps, such as Instagram or Facebook, so we are already familiar with how this tool works.

If you are a lover of emojis, you will love this function, as it will allow you to react to messages with the emoji you want from the list on WhatsApp.

Now you can react to WhatsApp messages with emojis - Hola Telcel blog

Now that you know that new tools will come to the platform very soon, we recommend that you continue learning much more about your favorite app, such as what is WhatsApp planning to renew in its voice notes.

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