Learn all about Netflix and its first virtual reality game

Netflix is ​​gradually becoming one more leader in the world of video games. Its most recent achievement is that the company launched a virtual reality title called Eden Unearthed which is available to play and experiment with with the Oculus Quest headset. It’s the first of its kind.

What is Netflix’s new virtual reality game about?

As explained on the site Upload VR, the game is related to the Netflix anime series Eden Unearthed and offers the player an experience of limited range, but of great immersion and comfort.

The video game is set in a future ruled by robots, without the presence of human beings. At the beginning of the game, the player takes control of a motorcycle and travels through the futuristic landscape, collecting apples for fuel and avoiding colliding with obstacles that try to slow down. At various points along the track, the player must stop to advance through the story and complete missions.

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Netflix as the next leader of the gaming!

It is difficult to define exactly the objective of the first Netflix video game, since for some it is perceived as the intermediate between a common adventure video game and being able to belong to a story or narrative immersed in an educational and virtual tool.

Eden Unearthed was launched in a surprise way in the store AppLab from Oculus, since Netflix was unknown to work on a virtual reality video game, until now, proving that the company’s limits do not exist. However, everything indicates that Eden Unearthed is only the first step of what the platform of streaming has in mind for the future.

In addition to this, it was recently confirmed that the first Netflix games that can be enjoyed by all users of the platform and, according to rumors, could be sold independently for different video game consoles.

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What can we expect from the world of Netflix video games?

Netflix hired executives with experience in the market for gaming to get started with this new project. One of them is Mike Verdu, a participant in the creation of games like Kabam, Electronic Arts and Oculus, among others. There is also Shonda Rhimes, an American screenwriter, director and producer.

It is possible that Eden Unearthed be developed later with many more functions. For now, it seems to be the first step of many that Netflix seeks to take to be part of the world of video games and virtual reality. How about?

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