Larger display, oxygen measurement

My Smart Band 6

The new Mi Smart Band 6 has a 1.56-inch touch AMOLED panel with 326 pixels per inch and improved brightness

Xiaomi surprised with the presentation of the My Smart Band 6. It has several updates compared to its previous version, but it retains its design.

Among the modifications that have attracted the most attention is that it has a larger screen, oxygen measurement in the blood and can monitor 30 kinds of exercises.

Xiaomi bracelet features

The My Smart Band 6 It has a 1.56-inch AMOLED screen, with a resolution of 152 x 486 pixels with 326 PPI. Xiaomi explained that it is up to 50% brighter than its previous model.

Mi Smart Band 6 new

It also has greater precision when monitoring heart rate and sleep. It even includes breathing quality while you sleep.

The Xiaomi My Smart Band 6 they keep the classic familiar functions of your family: heart rate monitoring, step count, distance, calories burned, sleep tracking and app notifications.

One of the main characteristics of the My Smart Band 6 is that it has an SpO2 sensor to measure the level of oxygenation in the blood. It will not only help athletes to know their oxygen debt. But it could be of vital importance to control the symptoms of Covid-19.

Thinking of sports people, the technology giant included 19 new exercise modes to monitor, thus offering a total of 30.

In this way My Smart Band 6 It is capable of automatically recognizing 6 different activities. In case the user begins to exercise and did not activate the tracking.


Xiaomi ensures that your new smart bracelet It is capable of offering up to 19 days of autonomy if the energy saving mode is activated and 14 days with normal use. It also has water resistance up to 50 meters deep.

The price of the My Smart Band 6 It will be 44.99 euros in the old continent market, equivalent to approximately 1,100 pesos. It will be available in six colors (black, orange, yellow, olive, ivory and blue, to which more than 60 themes must be added to personalize the screen).

Although the price and launch date in Mexico are unknown, it is expected that it will also reach the Aztec market. After the previous model had a great reception.

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