Large capacity Western Digital disc with a discount of 36 euros

One of the virtues of the model being promoted is that it offers compatibility with the standard USB 3.0. This has different virtues, one of which is that this accessory can be used with all types of computers (both desktop and laptop). And, in addition, it is also compatible with the most current consoles. In this way, it is sure that you will always get a good out of the WD My Passport we are talking about, since it adjusts to the needs you have at all times.

White WD My Passport Drive

If you wonder about the functions that can be performed with this device, it must be said that there are many, since the transfer rates it offers are quite high (exceed 100 Mbps). Therefore, you can from saving information to playing high-resolution video that you have inside. This accessory is even valid to install apps or games inside without noticing a performance drop with respect to the software that is on the internal disk of the computer.

A capacity that is enough for everyone

What you will find on this Western Digital disc are 2 TB of storage space, so you will not have problems when it comes to saving your personal information (photos included) while having software inside. The fact is that this is a capacity that in principle should be sufficient for all kinds of needs and will make you have no problems in your day to day. By the way, this model allows you to use AES 256 encryption, so you will always have your data safe.

Disc Wester Digital WD My Passport USB port

Offer to get this Western Digital album

Right now there is a discount for this accessory that we believe is a definitive feature for you to buy this device. The reason is that we are talking about saving 27% compared to its usual price so you stop paying 36 euros for this external storage disk. The specific model of WD My Passport we are talking about is the one that has white color and does not lack a Information LED that allows to know at all times the state in which the accessory is. This is the eBay purchase link where you don’t have to pay anything for shipping home.

Good additional details is that this model that can be carried from one place to another comfortably, since its weight is only 120 grams and its dimensions remain at 11 x 8.15 x 1.37 centimeters, it is that the energy to function is acquired by the USB port of the device in which it is connected, so it is compatible with the technology Bus Powered. Therefore, with a single cable it is possible to use this accessory.

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