‘La casa de papel: The experience’ you can be part of the series!

The worldwide success it has meant The Money Heist has achieved one of the fandom most dedicated of all. For that reason, and on the occasion of the next premiere of the last season, Netflix has prepared a unique attraction called La casa de papel: the experience, which will arrive at the Mexico City where many will be able to form part of the resistance.

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The paper house will have a special event in CDMX- HolaTelcel Blog

La casa de papel: the experience It will be the first heist on a global level, with special effects, excitement and a lot of euphoria. If you want to be part and not miss the experience, here we tell you everything you need to know about it. 👇

La casa de papel: the experience

What is this new attraction inspired by The Money Heist?

It is a special event, located in Mexico City, as well as in other parts of the world: Paris, London, Miami and New York, where the biggest fans of the series will be able to live an immersive experience collaborating with the famous band of robbers. .

Dalí's mask, which will be part of the special event of La casa de papel: The experience- Blog HolaTelcel

Attendees will be divided into groups of forty people and will collaborate directly in the first international coup, all wearing the classic red jumpsuit and Dalí’s mask. Lisbon will be in charge of recruiting the team and the Teacher He will come up with the whole plan, as expected.

How long will it last and what other surprises can we expect?

La casa de papel: the experience It will last sixty minutes, during which time the participants must achieve the perfect robbery. Afterwards, attendees will be able to enjoy an area post-show with great surprises inspired by the successful series of Netflix; scenarios, interviews and snacks.

The teacher creating the new robbery plan for La casa de papel: The experience- HolaTelcel Blog

When does ticket sales start?

If you are already determined to be part of the largest robbery in the world, you should be attentive to the sale of tickets that will begin next 8 of June, which will cost approximately $ 300 pesos. But first, you have to sign up for the waiting list which is already available to the public in different cities.

Berlin in the first season of La casa de papel- Blog HolaTelcel

The official arrival date and the main stage of La casa de papel: the experience has not been released yet. But it is certain that it will be held in an emblematic building of the CDMX and that the event will take place in the month of October.

New images of the fifth season of La casa de papel, Tokyo, Denver, Manila- HolaTelcel Blog

This unique event goes hand in hand with the premiere of the latest season of The Money Heist, which will be divided into two parts; the first of them will be released in Netflix the next September 3, while the second the December 3. To do this, you are in time to hire a Telcel Max Play Plan, which gives you Netflix + Claro video in the same Plan, with unlimited social networks, Double Gigas and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage.

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It is time to start thinking about your code name if you want to participate. Maybe that of a famous city in Mexico, like Monterrey, Guadalajara or Vallarta? 😱

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