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In the next article we are going to take a look at Kit Scenarist. If you dedicate yourself to writing screenplays, surely you have an application that will help you in this task. In these cases, without a doubt Final Draft is the reference application for many, but it is not free. In the following lines we are going to see a free alternative, more or less recent, but with a lot of future ahead. KIT Scenarist app, comes from Russia and allows you to do everything you need to create your own literary script. This is helpful with formatting the text, even exporting the content to PDF.

KIT Scenarist bills itself as a simple and powerful script editor. It is a program with all the necessary functions to create movie scripts. It has a fairly sizeable user base, with over 10,000 scriptwriters using this software. This specialized script editor, with its configuration possibilities, allows users to forget about formatting text and direct all their creative energy to creating stories. further it is a multiplatform software. There are mobile versions available for Android and iOS, but these require payment.

General characteristics of the program

scenarist kit preferences

  • The card module will allow us see the script in the form of cards scattered on the board, thus providing a visual way of working with the structure. We can also organize the cards on the board in rows or columns.
  • We will also find the possibility of use mind maps, to keep our ideas always at hand.

scenaris kit cards

  • This program will allow us organize research notes and images. We will be able to store a variety of materials (text documents, images, links to web pages and mind maps) associated with our project.


  • The module Reports and Statistics helps to examine the history from a different angle and prepare all the reports required for production. We will be able to see immediately how many characters, words and pages our story has, as well as the approximate duration and its individual scenes. The program supports three timing systems: by pages, by symbols and a flexible one, so the calculation can be configured as it suits us.


  • The program can work with the following export formats: PDF, FDX, DOCX and FOUNTAIN.
  • Regarding the import formats admitted, users will find the following: FDX, DOCX, FOUNTAIN and TRELBY.

Scenaris kit script

  • The application configuration system allows the user to create a comfortable environment for creativity. We can use a dark or light theme, according to our preferences and the time of day we work.
  • He auto save, it will make us never lose our job.
  • It will allow us to work in two panel mode.
  • We will have at our disposal a template library.
  • We will also have available the spell check, among which Spanish is included.
  • Internationalization support– Supported languages ​​include French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian, among others.

Download KIT Scenarist

Gnu / Linux users will have different installation options. In Ubuntu we have the possibility of use your AppImage package, which as everyone knows does not require installation.

download appimage

For users who prefer install the program from repository, in the download page of the project we will find different possibilities, depending on the version of Ubuntu that we use (from Ubuntu 18.10 to Ubuntu 20.10).

download scenaris kit

Also, in the same download page, the creators of this program make available to users different .deb packages for different versions of Ubuntu (from Ubuntu 18.10 to Ubuntu 20.10).

KIT Scenarist is a scriptwriting program geared to international standards in the field of film production. The program is a complete study for the creation of stories, from the birth of the idea to just before the transfer of the film script to production.

For more information about this program, users can consult the project website wave documentation they offer on the same website to start working with the program.

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