Kinetic Touchless 2.0 | Sensor to control doors without touching them

Kinetic Touchless 2.0 sensor

Like a Jedi, you can control doors with the movement of your hands without having to touch them thanks to Kinetic Touchless 2.0

Developers from the design studio Stuck Design have created a sensor which enables control doors without need to touch them.

Like a Jedi people will move your hands and that the door responds thanks to Kinetic Touchless 2.0. According to its creators, the sensor seeks to replace those that are put on the sliding doors of weight or movement to open them.

Kinetic Touchless 2.0

A small panel is placed on the door at hand height. When a person approaches, the device recognizes it and offers the control of the door, in this way the user can open or close the door depending on the movement of their hand.

As the person gets closer you hear animation on the panel Kinetic Touchless 2.0 shows if the user must get closer to be able to control the door.

Once the person is at the correct distance, two side arrows appear to indicate that they can move. Wherever the hand moves, the sensor (and consequently the door) will follow.

Kinetic Touchless 2.0 uses a proximity sensor capable of understanding movements in three dimensions. It is not a new technology since it is something similar to what it offers: Face ID of the iPhone, Project Soli of Google and even LG placed something similar in their phones to control them by gestures.

Its creators detail that unlike the doors self-opening, your device saves energy, as automatic doors often open unnecessarily.

Kinetic Touchless 2.0 It would allow better control over the people who access a place especially when the interior is air-conditioned.

Likewise, by not requiring any contact to get started, it could reduce the transmission of pathogens.


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