Keeping your WhatsApp information will no longer be free!

One of the advantages that Android users had is that they could store their whatsapp info unlimited in google drive. However, according to the portal WABETA Infothose who want to make backup copies in Drive will have to pay after an update that would arrive very soon.

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What are WhatsApp backups and what are they for?

Since 2018, Android users can backup unlimited photos, videos, call history and contacts on WhatsApp. This way, if you lose your phone, you can access this information again with your Google account. However, according to WABETA Infothis will no longer be possible for free.

Although it does not report any release date, WABETA Info detected in the beta version some lines of code in the WhatsApp app specifying a storage limit in Drive. At some point, Google will offer a quota for Drive backups and WhatsApp will display a message when this free Drive space is close to its limit.

You will no longer be able to store your WhatsApp chats in an unlimited and free way in Drive - Blog Hola Telcel

You will no longer be able to store your WhatsApp information in an unlimited way in Google Drive

Currently, all Google Drive accounts have a free storage capacity of 15 GB. However, after the agreement between WhatsApp and Google in 2018, users could make backup copies to keep their information from the app without it occupying part of those 15 GB for free.

Just like Google Drive, you will have to buy more storage in case you run out of free storage and want to have a backup of all your WhatsApp messages, photos and videos.

So far, only videos and photos in high quality (now called storage saving quality) take up some of the free storage in your personal Google account. However, that could change soon.

Before that happens, take advantage of the fact that you have unlimited storage on Google Drive, as well as WhatsApp with your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan with which you can continue browsing with #TelcelLaBestRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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Details are yet to be confirmed about this new update. In Hello Telcel You will be able to consult it as soon as it is an official WhatsApp update. And for you, would the free 15 GB of Google Drive be enough to back up your app data?

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