Kdenlive 20.12 arrives with no less than 370 changes

Kdenlive 20.12

At the time of writing, the release is not 100% official, but Kdenlive 20.12 It can now be installed as part of the KDE Applications 20.12 that arrived yesterday, Thursday, December 10. Nothing is official because the KDE project has not published the usual article telling us about the most outstanding news, but interested users can already try it, although they will have to choose the Flatpak option that we can already install from our software center if we had previously added support or included it natively.

In recent years, KDE has made many improvements to its video editor, but not all the changes were equally liked by everyone, and tweaking the software so much has also caused us to experience more crashes than we would like. Perhaps to regain the old feelings, Kdenlive 20.12 has arrived with a total of 370 changes, among which we have new functions and bug fixes.

Kdenlive 20.12 Highlights

The full list of changes Is available in this link, where we also see the changes in the rest of the KDE app set. Taking into account that there are almost 400 lines, it is difficult to mention all the most outstanding news, but looking above we see the following as interesting:

  • Effects layer improved.
  • Ability to hide the effect of subtitles from the user interface.
  • Now you cannot create invalid subtitles with empty lines.
  • Reverted the OpenGL change that caused crashes on some systems.
  • Allows you to create a mix when we don’t have a default mix duration available at the end of the clip.
  • Blacklist effects updated.
  • Effects descriptions and categories updated.
  • A function has been added to remove all subtitles from the subtitle template.
  • New rule in the timeline toolbar to activate subtitle editing.
  • Mix all parts of grouped clips.
  • In Rotoscope, an auto keyframe button has been added to the monitor tool to add a keyframe automatically when moving a point.
  • Obsolete components removed.
  • Fix, Fix, Fix, Fix… which means that a lot of what they have entered is fixes.

Available now, but only on Flathub for now

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the release is not official and KDE has not released it yet like other times, but yes it can be downloaded from Flathub. In the next few hours it is expected that they will upload it to their official Web, something they will do first with the AppImage version, and some distributions will add them to their official repositories, at least those that use the Rolling Release development model. In KDE neon they are already available, and Kubuntu + Backports will arrive (they should) after the first or second maintenance update, that is, in January or February.

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