Sudo Dolphin in KDE

When i switched to KDEOne of the things that surprised me for the worse is that I could not type “sudo dolphin” and move with super user privileges through my folders. Being new to K software, there were people who told me that Dolphin itself did allow this, but that on Kubuntu and other operating systems it was disabled. Today, Reading to Nate Graham I think that, if possible, it is not a KDE thing, as it will be in the coming months.

This week’s KDE article was published on Friday, probably because it was prepared in the morning to be free on the night of the 31st and at this time of day 1. Graham says support for PolKit has been added on KIO, allowing Dolphin and other KDE apps use the KIO library to create, move, copy, trash or delete files in places that do not belong to the user. That is we can use Dolphin as root, but also other applications. This change will come from the hand of Frameworks 5.90.

Other news coming to KDE

  • Konsole now allows you to open the current directory or any other right-clicked folder in any application, not just in the file manager (Jan Blackquill, Konsole 22.04).
  • KRunner now has an online help function, which you can display by clicking a new question mark icon on your toolbar or by typing “…” (Alexander Lohnau, Plasma 5.24).
  • In the Plasma Wayland session, KWin now supports 8+ bit colors (Xaver Hugl, Plasma 5.24).
  • Users of the “Photo of the Day” wallpaper plugin can now take pictures from (Alexey Andreyev, Plasma 5.24).

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Gwenview no longer crashes sometimes when opening JPEG files and the system libexiv2 library is older than version 0.27.5 (Lukáš Karas, Gwenview 21.12.1).
  • Extracting or compressing something in Dolphin using context menu items no longer causes a new Dolphin window or tab to open (Alexander Lohnau, Ark 21.12.1).
  • Ark no longer keeps the splash screen visible for too long after having used the app to do something (Albert Astals Cid, Ark 21.12.1).
  • When the Partition Manager is used to reformat a partition, it is no longer owned by root by default (Tomaz Canabrava and Andrius Štikonas, Partition Manager 22.04).
  • In the Plasma Wayland session, the advanced keyboard options work correctly again (Fabian Vogt, Plasma 5.23.5).
  • The System Tray now becomes translucent or opaque based on the translucency / opacity setting of its main panel, as expected (Konrad Materka, Plasma 5.23.5).
  • In the Plasma Wayland session, System Preferences no longer hangs if the screen and monitor rollback timer is allowed to reach 0 seconds (Méven Car, Plasma 5.24).
  • In the Plasma Wayland session, restoring a minimized or maximized window now does the same as in X11: it switches to the virtual desktop the window was on before restoring it, instead of restoring it to the current virtual desktop (Alex Rosca, Plasma 5.24) .
  • Third-party window decoration themes with rounded corners no longer experience visual glitches related to transparency and rotation when using a fractional scale factor such as 125% or 150% (Julius Zint, Plasma 5.24).
  • Applications that update their window titles frequently no longer cause Plasma to consume excessive CPU resources or hang (Fushan Wen, Plasma 5.24).

Improvements in the user’s interface

  • In Dolphin, multi-line file / folder labels are now limited to 3 lines by default, and when hovering over them you can see a tooltip showing the full text (Leo Treloar, Dolphin 22.04).
  • In the context menu of the Task Manager, the contextual item “Start new instance” has been renamed to “Open new window” for clarity and no longer appears for applications marked as having a single main window or that already provide an action from its own “New Window”, and the “More Actions” item has been moved to the bottom and renamed to just “More” (Nicolas Fella and Nate Graham, Plasma 5.24).
  • Discover now has an option to automatically restart after an update, which appears in the footer once the update process has started (Aleix Pol González, Plasma 5.24).
  • Scroll behavior in the QtQuick software has been improved in several ways, including making the touchpad speed the same as QtWidgets scrollviews, especially in the Plasma Wayland session when using screen scaling (Noah Davis , Frameworks 5.90).

When will all this come to KDE?

Plasma 5.23.5 will arrive on January 4, KDE Gear 21.12.1 two days later, on the 6th, and KDE Frameworks 5.90 two later, on the 8. We will be able to use Plasma 5.24 from February 8th. KDE Gear 22.04 has no scheduled date yet.

To enjoy all this as soon as possible we have to add the KDE Backports repository or use an operating system with special repositories like KDE neon or any distribution whose development model is Rolling Release, although the latter usually take a little longer than the KDE system.