KDE neon brings offline updates to all users

KDE neon offline updates

Here at Ubunlog we don’t write much about KDE neon And, thinking about it, I think the reasons are that we talk more about Kubuntu because it is an official flavor and that most of the neon news are part of Plasma or KDE Applications, KDE Gear as of this month. Of course, we do write when there is something important to tell, like when they uploaded the base from Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04 or something that they have announced a few hours ago.

Starting today April 1, and they assure that it is not an April’s fool joke, KDE neon will activate the offline updates for all its users, something that until now was only available for those of the Unstable version. That means that they will be like Windows, in part: application updates and what is not going to break the system will continue to apply as before; system updates, those that apply or perform best after a reboot, will be installed when you shut down the computer.

KDE neon changes the way to update the system

The novelty was explained on March 1, at which time arrive to the Unstable version. There they explain that if Discover is used to update the system, instead of applying the update it will immediately download what is necessary and warn that it requires a restart to complete it. The next time the computer starts, the update will be applied completely. The rest of the packages are not affected, and neither will the Snap and Flatpak.

Not surprisingly, speaking of a Linux-based system, they have also created a command for this, or more specifically that KDE neon offline upgrade can be prepared by opening a terminal and typing this command:

pkcon update --only-download && pkcon offline-trigger

Without having tested how fast this is, I can’t tell if as a KDE user (Kubuntu and Manjaro) I’m jealous or not. I’m not jealous of how it happens in Windows because of its low speed, but it would be fine if it were all faster. Maybe in the future.

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